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FREEDOM TREE - 'PHLYDE' live in Norway (full)

FREEDOM TREE - 'PHLYDE' live in Norway (full)

New 'modern acoustic world jazz rock' - the name of this song is "Phlyde" Get our 4 FREE download EP @ 'World Jazz Rock' band FREEDOM TREE have achieved international popularity among music fans for their eclectic performances drawing from 3 continents. Good friends and collegues; acoustic guitarist Steinar Aadnekvam - from Bergen, Norway 🇳🇴 - bassist Rubem Farias from Salvador Da Bahia, Brasil 🇧🇷 and drummer/singer Deodato Siquir from Maputo, Mozambique 🇲🇿 make their base in Stockholm, Sweden 🇸🇪 and since 2015 form the band FREEDOM TREE. Moving from clarity to clarity ever since, the band released their joint debut album "Freedoms Trio" in 2016 and followed up in 2018 with the sophomore release "Freedoms Trio II" - both on Losen Records, Oslo. Together, the band has performed hundreds of concerts in some 17 countries across Europe, Eurasia, Africa and the United States until 2020 brought all touring to a halt. Determined to come back stronger in 2021 the band undergoes a slight name change embracing the name FREEDOM TREE - a significant name with deep connotations - and continuously in the vain of an eclectic afro jazz rock expression firmly rooted in both past & present. We invite you to join us on our journey ! #worldjazzrock #freedomtree #freedomtreemusic Click here 2 SUBSCRIBE: ----------------------------------------------------------------- moderner Akustikgitarrenwelt-Jazzrock guitarra acústica moderna mundo jazz rock guitarra acústica moderna jazz rock mundial moderna chitarra acustica world jazz rock guitare acoustique moderne world jazz rock nowoczesna gitara akustyczna świat jazz rocka mūsdienu akustiskās ģitāras pasaules džeza roks kaasaegne akustilise kitarri maailm jazzrokk moderni akustisen kitaran maailma jazzrock rock jazz dunia gitar akustik moden modern akustik gitar dünya caz rock müasir akustik gitara dünya caz roku आधुनिक ध्वनिक गिटार दुनिया जैज रॉक عالم الغيتار الصوتي الحديث جاز روك 现代民谣吉他世界爵士摇滚 現代民謠吉他世界爵士搖滾 現代のアコースティックギターの世界ジャズロック กีตาร์อะคูสติกที่ทันสมัยระดับโลกแจ๊สร็อค
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